Poster Exhibition

We will organize an onsite poster exhibition at the congress venue. Onsite posters should preferably be edited in landscape format to fit with the poster boards in the congress center and the print outs not be larger than format A0. Should authors opt to design their poster in portrait format, we will accept it, too.

We will also offer to publish eposters at our virtual platform. eposters must be submitted as a pdf file and can be either in landscape or portrait format.

Accepted onsite posters can remain on display from September 11, 12.00 to September 13, 17.00.

Please note that only presenting authors are stated in the final program due to space restrictions. All authors will be named in the printed abstracts.

Poster Prize

  • WASAD will award the three best posters with a poster prize
  • A poster prize has a value of EUR 250
  • All submitted onsite and eposters are evaluated by independent reviewers
  • The posters will be evaluated in terms of “overall presentation”, “scientific value and originality” and “relevance of the topic for the field of stress and anxiety disorders”
  • The winners will be formally announced during the closing ceremony on September 13, 2023

The winners of the 3 poster prizes at the WASAD Congress 2021 were:

  • Poster No. 17: Patient stratification based on pupillometric response profiles and its brain correlates in affective and anxiety disorders by the group of Julia Fietz and colleagues
  • Poster No. 80: Heart rate variability biofeedback for stress management supported by virtual reality and wearable technology by the group of Jasmine Kerr and colleagues
  • Poster No. 70: Perceived stress, anxiety, depression, and the cortisol awakening response – a longitudinal study in young German adults during the COVID-19 pandemic by the group of Maria Meier and colleagues